The company was established in 1953 as “Farneda Piero plastic material moulding”, a pioneer company at that time. At the beginning, it produced upon request plastic articles, both in thermosetting and in thermoplastic. In 1980 it was turned into FARPLAST.



In 1980 it was turned into FARPLAST. The seriousness and the flexibility in understanding and meeting the customers requirements have allowed the growth and the affirmation of FARPLAST both in the thermo-hydraulic and in the lighting field.


The collaboration with qualified and skilled personnel allows FARPLAST to meet the customer requirements with timeliness and professionalism, beginning from the planning and construction of the mould up to the mouding of the articles. The plastic elements production for the lighting with property moulds has a particular importance.



More recently, FARPLAST has specialized in the production and marketing of outdoor lighting articles, thanks to high investments of time and resources. It succeeded shortly in reaching an important space foreign market. The success was achieved thanks to the production of articles which are economically advantageous and of guaranteed quality.


Farplast S.r.l. Socio unico - Via dell' Artigianato, 293 - 37040 S. Stefano di Zimella, Verona - Italy - Tel: +39 0442 490366 - Fax: +39 0442 490614 -

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